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This is a place for people who are unsatisfied with their life, but don’t know what to do about it.

With my guidance, you can drastically improve your confidence, social status, happiness, and transform yourself entirely in a fairly short period of time.

Everything you’ll discover here, is based on my own experiences about leveling up every area of my life. Thus, it’s proven and separates from all the generic advice.

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Confidence is a skill that you can learn and will benefit pretty much every area of your life. Confident people are successful in dating, social life, career, and much more. (NEWS FLASH: True confidence is not about bragging with shiny things.) Select this category if you want to destroy your insecurities and low self-esteem for good!

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Like it or not, humans are still hardwired to form hierarchies in modern society. This so-called alpha-beta structure has changed a lot, but still exists. Select this category, if you want to raise your status, and learn how to climb up to the top of your social circle, because nowadays, it’s easier than ever… (HINT: it’s not about having a Gucci belt or a hot girlfriend.)

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Hanging out with your friends and meeting new people is great, but lacking social skills can make some situations awkward and frustrating. On top of that, there are sometimes arrogant morons and wanna-be alphas who will downgrade your mood if you let them. Select this category, if you want to learn how to enjoy social situations and be the center of the room. 

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This is where I talk about things that don’t fall into any specific category (yet). You can find things like how to avoid the biggest dating mistakes (which many people do by the way), some motivational stuff to inspire you, and more! Select this category if any of that sounds interesting.

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