Higher Status review – The best self-development book?

higher status review

Welcome to my review of Higher Status, The new science of success and achievement. This book is written by internet millionaire Jason Capital and is supposed to help you to level up your life in any area by sharing techniques to raise your so-called status.

I personally purchased this book a little over two years ago and I’ve read it two times after that. In this review, you’ll learn what the book is all about, my experiences, and how it can possibly change your life, so stay tuned.

What is Higher Status all about?

higher status cover

To understand the philosophy of this book correctly, I’ll give you a quick review of the 7/38/55 rule. This rule states that in personal communication, 7% is carried out by the words you say, 38% by your vocal tonality, and 55% by your body language. In a nutshell, a huge amount of your communication is carried non-verbally, and it’s important to pay attention to that.

With this in mind, the book shares twelve honest signals that you constantly display, and how to display those signals in a way that builds authority, sparks attraction, and achieves tons of more benefits in life. These signals include your body language, eye contact, and more. (You’ll discover all of them soon)

Higher status is built around the idea that if you display these signals well, your quality of life will skyrocket. You’ll find it easier to succeed in any area of life due to your “high status”.

In the book, you’ll find Jason claiming that you’ll gain the following benefits if you achieve high status:

  • Effortless attraction from the opposite sex
  • Increased financial stability
  • Increased attention at work
  • Increased networking opportunities
  • Unexpected perks
  • Health benefits
  • Increased loyalty from loved ones

Is this all true? Can you achieve all those benefits by changing your body language and style? Or is it all just a sleazy, misleading sales pitch? That’s what we’re finding out.

Status, as described in the book

Against the common belief, the book states that your status has nothing to do with your car, clothes, or other shiny things. Your status consists of the twelve honest signals that according to the book, can be easily spotted and can’t be faked. Those signals that you’ll discover soon, will indicate your status level.

Higher Status breakdown

The book is close to 300 pages, containing an introduction, 13 chapters, and some final words. Jason has really put effort into this book since he shared pretty much everything he knows about status. 

The honest signals

Here’s a quick list of the signals that determine your status. As you can see, the honest signals start with very practical ones and move to more detailed.

  1. Destiny
  2. Body language
  3. Voice
  4. Eye contact
  5. Walk
  6. State control
  7. Carefreeness
  8. Truth
  9. Rapport control
  10. Charisma
  11. Style
  12. Environment

In every chapter, Jason shares what the specific signal means, what makes it powerful, and how you can do it.

About Jason Capital

Jason Capital's front page on Youtube

By doing a quick Google search, you’ll find out that Jason Capital focuses nowadays more on his “laptop lifestyle” and “make money online” niche. There are articles telling how he became a millionaire at a very young age by building an online business, and he also sells courses to help you to do the same. You’ll also find his Youtube and Instagram accounts packed with motivational and educational content about making money online.

However, if you scroll down to see his earlier content and do some research, you’ll find out that he used to be a dating coach and had built a career around self-development. Those were the times when he published Higher Status.

From a dating coach to a “make money online” mentor.

Back in time when I went through an intense self-development period, I consumed Jason’s content about dating tips, self-development, and all kinds of motivational stuff, and that was the reason I bought his book.

In Higher Status Jason tells how he used to suck with girls and his life wasn’t anything like today. He started practicing the skills and eventually, became really good at it. During this time, he developed the idea of high status, because he noticed that successful people, didn’t use any fancy pick-up lines. They carried out themselves differently with their vocal tonalities, charisma, body language, etc.

Once he discovered the concept of status, he started to teach those techniques, and eventually, wrote an entire book. The one that I’m reviewing today. This may be confusing because nowadays his content platforms focus almost entirely on making money online, and this is where things have started to change.

Making money online is a sensitive topic because the internet is full of fake gurus, scams, and overpriced courses. And as I mentioned before, Jason is selling courses, some of which are extremely expensive. He also puts a lot of effort into advertising, and there are some red flags.

Some third-party reviews claim that he is a scam, and he uses questionable methods to get clients. After consuming his more recent content, I’ve also discovered that he makes a lot of promises and claims that seem way exaggerated. Promises like “make thousands in one month by buying my Instagram course”. In one of his videos, he also claims that he made 20k in his first month after learning a specific skill.

So, can you trust this guy? Is any of his content legit? Here’s my opinion.

My opinion

I think that his free content about motivation and self-development and Higher Status are pure gold. I’ve implemented those tips in my life and they have worked. So, at least by consuming his content without buying a course is totally worth it.

This is because most of that content is free, and contains tips that work. His book also falls in this category. Although it costs about 20 bucks on Amazon, it’s a reasonable price for any book, and Higher Status is packed with value and has lots of great reviews.

I haven’t purchased any of Jason’s big courses about making money online, and this is not their review. I believe that most of them can bring you results with great effort, but there are too many red flags such as bad reviews, scam alerts, and promises that seem to be too good to be true. On top of that, they’re likely overpriced with whopping price tags of four digits.

My conclusion is that his self-development content is totally worth it, but I’d be skeptical about his “make money online” courses.

My experiences with Higher Status

I bought the book a little more than two years ago, and it has been the best book I’ve read so far. The reason this is my opinion is that you can use those honest signals to ramp up any area of your life. After reading higher status, I’ve started to pay attention to how other people display those signals in different places.

On top of that, when someone has had bad body language in a club or spoken with weak tonality, I noticed that I instantly considered them less authoritative and didn’t respect them so much than people who had good non-verbal communication.

I had also tested some of these techniques before buying this book, and the results were great. An old friend of mine had clearly seen a difference in my appearance.

Jason also provides action steps and exercises to master those signals, so you won’t be left hanging with just the information. So, if you implement even a few of the tips in the book and stay consistent, I believe it will have a great effect on your life.

Higher status is not a magic pill that will bring you the life of your dreams without any effort, but if you do what the book teaches, the techniques will work. Succeeding is all about executing a good plan and staying consistent.

Who should buy this book?

I recommend anyone who wants to achieve success in any area of their life to try out this book. If you’ve enjoyed my articles about confidence, alpha males, or social skills, this book will be a powerful resource for you.

Higher Status – Summary

I hope you have found my review valuable and enjoyed reading it. This is a very special book for me since reviewing it takes me back in time to 2019 when I got hooked on improving my life.

It’s a shame that Jason’s reputation has suffered from different claims about scams and manipulation. I haven’t tried his courses so I can’t guarantee anything about them, but I’m giving my own point of view based on things I’ve seen.

Anyway, Higher Status and Jason’s motivational content are a gold mine for anyone who wants to level up their life. If you want to buy Higher Status on Amazon, click the button below!

Feel free to comment if you have questions or anything else you’d like to share. See you next time!

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