Versace Eros Review – Should You Buy This Cologne?

versace eros review

Imagine yourself going on a date or to a club, covered in a luminous aura that interprets sublime masculinity with a glowing freshness obtained from the combination of mint leaves, Italian lemon zest, and green apple. That’s a part of the description about Versace Eros, that you can find on Versace’s website. Today I’m about to review if that’s true, and many other things about the cologne that I’ve used for more than two years.

If you’re looking for a new cologne or you’ve been considering Versace Eros, I highly recommend spending a few minutes of your valuable time with me. Is this really a luminous aura that every man dreams of? Does it spark attraction? And is it worth it for your wallet?

Versace Eros – Overview

Versace Eros is a popular cologne designed for men by the Italian fashion brand Versace. This product is extremely fresh, good smelling, high quality, and the price varies a little depending on where you buy it.

The cologne is contained in a blue bottle, that displays the famous medusa that Versace uses as their logo. By doing quick research, you can also find a red alternative, Versace Eros flame. More about that later.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed this cologne and I’ve received positive feedback. I’ve used it mainly when going out to a party or on a date.

This is a product for situations where you want to dress just a little bit above average, so I probably wouldn’t use it at school or office. However, there will be situations where you want to maximize your appearance, and that’s when Versace Eros can be one of your best friends. It increases your attractiveness and gives you a nice buff of confidence.

My experiences

I remember when I had just turned 18 years and I was looking for a cologne. I hadn’t used colognes before that, but I decided that it was time to level up my appearance by shopping one.

I went to a store and saw many different colognes in the men’s section, and I started to try them out. There were little pieces of paper where you could spray the samples and smell them, which was very convenient.

I tried out a couple of different colognes, including one that was branded with James Bond. As a James Bond fan, I thought I could possibly get it, but then I saw Versace Eros.

I’ve never been into putting loads of money into clothes and accessories from expensive brands, but I decided to try it out because I knew that Versace has a good reputation. After all, the price was something around 50-70€, which is not bad for a quality cologne that still has more than half left.

I tried it out and instantly decided that I wanted it. There were cheaper ones that were good too, but there was something different in Eros. I could smell the Italian quality, masculine energy, and intense freshness. I can’t exactly tell what it was, but the scent was much better. It was clear, that Versace knew what they were doing.

Where should you use Versace Eros?

Based on my experience and very quick research online, I’ve found out that the best place to use Versace Eros is a bar or a nightclub. This cologne gives you a stylish, Italian, masculine vibe that’s perfect for anywhere you’re supposed to have fun and dress a little bit better than average. A date is also a great place to use this since women have proven to like this cologne. 

I would avoid using this at work or school because a high-quality cologne doesn’t fit the more casual outfit. A certain event may be an exception, however. Another place you definitely don’t want to use it is a gym. You’re not supposed to smell good there, and mixing Eros with sweat is like putting ice cream on top of your pizza.

Also, when using the cologne, prefer using a mild deodorant or the one with the same scent, so you don’t combine two powerful scents and cause a conflict between them.

A quick summary for places where to use Versace Eros is bars, clubs, dates, and anywhere where the dress code is a little above average.

Is it worth it?

Based on my experiences I can say that Versace Eros is worth buying for every man who wants to level up his attractiveness. The bottle I bought costed something around 50 to 70€, which is a little bit more in U.S dollars.

Compare this to the fact that during more than two years of usage, I haven’t used even half of it. Yes, I haven’t been clubbing so much due to CoVid 19, but this investment will benefit you for a long time.

How to get the best price?

Now there are many different places you can buy Versace Eros and many different sizes. Here’s a quick table of sizes I found on Amazon, from largest to smallest. The best deal is to buy a bigger one. Although they cost more, you’ll get a way better deal based on the amount of liquid per dollar.

Versace Eros Sizes

In mlIn oz
5 (Mini)0.17 (Mini)

By doing quick research, I found out that there’s no significant difference in prices in Amazon, and my local online stores. Therefore I recommend focussing more on the size. The best deal is 200ml/6.7oz, but if you believe it’s too much, the 100ml/3.4oz is also reasonable. What I like about Amazon, is that you can compare different offers on a single website.

Versace Eros vs. Versace Eros Flame

If you’ve been checking out offers about Versace Eros, you’ve probably noticed a similar product with bright red color and flame added to its name. This is Eros Flame, an alternative for the basic eros.

I’ve also used this product and decided to add a little comparison here for your convenience:

  • The basic Eros has a blue bottle, Flame has red.
  • They both are fresh and good smelling, but Flame has a refreshing sour vibe in it. Basic Eros is sweeter.
  • No significant difference in prices.

Personally, I like to use both and Flame gives a nice change if you’ve used the basic Eros for a long time. I like the basic Eros more, but both are great colognes.

Frequently asked questions

What does Versace Eros smell like?

Versace eros is a fresh combination of mint leaves, Italian lemon zest, and green apple. The smell is great and I’ve had only positive feedback about it. When using it, you can clearly smell the quality and masculine energy, because Versace has specialized in fashion since 1978.

How long does Versace Eros last?

This is an excellent question. Whenever I use this cologne at a nightclub, I can smell it in my shirt the next morning, so the scent lasts long enough to be with you the whole night. 

Therefore I believe that you don’t have to add more of it during the night, but you can do that if you want to boost your masculine aura. Just don’t overdo it.

Is Versace Eros good for a date?

Absolutely yes! A cologne that smells good, is made by a famous brand and gives you masculine energy is a phenomenal fit for any situation that includes sparking attraction in women. On top of that, I’ve received compliments from women because of my cologne.

Cologne is a great way to increase your attractiveness and display that you have a sense of style and you take care of your appearance.

Where to use Versace Eros?

As I mentioned before, the best places to use this cologne are bars, nightclubs, dates, and anywhere where you’re having fun and dressing a little above average.

I prefer not using Versace Eros at school or work, and I wouldn’t even think about using it when doing sports.

How much does Versace Eros cost?

It depends on where you buy it and what size you decide to purchase. The biggest size is 200ml/6.7oz and comes with a price of approximately 80 dollars. You can find the smaller sizes with a price much lower, but the big bottle gives you the best deal.

The prices vary a little in different stores and offers, but I couldn’t find any significant differences.


Versace Eros is a great cologne for every man who wants to be the best version of themselves. Famous brands are notorious for selling their products at crazy prices, but Versace offers this cologne with a very reasonable one.

If you want to take your attractiveness to the next level, and you’re looking for a new cologne, this is something you should definitely try out. Versace eros has a reasonable price but still sets you apart from all other guys who use the first cologne they find at their local store.

I hope you found my review valuable. If you want to compare the deals on Amazon click the button below. See you next time!

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